Quiz: Discover Your True Motivation For Learning A New Language

When the initial buzz wears off, you’ll need a reason to keep going. Understanding your real motivation will be the key to following through on your language goals.
language learning motivation

Here’s your language-learning motivation conundrum for the day: If a genie came out of a lamp and offered to grant you automatic fluency in eight different languages, would you take it or leave it?

Most people would probably gladly take it. “Knowing several languages” just sounds like the kind of thing that would be nice to have under your belt.

The problem, however, begins when you actually endeavor to learn a new language, which is hardly an automatic process, but one that requires diligence, consistency and a willingness to stick it out. If you’re unclear on why you started in the first place, you might be especially prone to giving up early.

But when you’re really in tune with your motivation? Then you’re unstoppable. In our recent interview with fitness icon Jillian Michaels, we learned exactly why it is that motivation must come from within, and how knowing “why” certain goals are important to you can ultimately take care of the “how” part of the equation — in other words, all the hard work that’s going to be required of you.

Take this quiz to discover the true source of your language-learning motivation, and get some personalized advice to keep you going when you’re tempted to give up.




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