How To Talk About Free Time In Russian

Whether you’re hitting the gym or the local museums, make sure you know how to tell other people about it.
A woman holding a camera up to her face, using her free time in Russian for photography

Making small talk about the weather is great, but it doesn’t really reveal anything about the person you’re talking to. But a topic that everyone can relate to (and that doesn’t seem too personal) is hobbies. Everyone has something that they love do when they’re not working or sleeping. Thus, learning how to talk about how your spend your free time in Russian is a useful skill to pick up.

Depending on your activities you might want to dive deeper on vocabulary, but we collected a wide swath of the basics for free time in Russian. From the arts to sports and back again, there should be terms here to get you started. And if you want to hear how each of these is pronounced by a native speaker, hit the play button next to each word of phrase.

Talking About Free Time In Russian

General Hobby Vocabulary

theater — театр

performance, show — спектакль

musical — мюзикл

to clap — аплодировать (imperf.)

museum — музей

exhibition — выставка

painting, picture — картина

photography — фотография

gallery — галерея

drawing — рисунок

film — фотоплёнка

to dance — танцевать (imper.)

literature — литература

book — книга

fiction — художественная литература

to read — читать (imperf.), прочитать (perf.)

music — музыка

to sing — петь (imperf.), спеть (perf.)

instrument — инструмент

guitar — гитара

drum — барабан

piano — фортепиано

game — игра

sport — спорт

soccer — футбол

training — тренировка

gymnasium — фитнес – клуб

team — команда

to go shopping — ходить по магазинам (imperf.)

second-hand — бывший в употреблении

to go out to eat — ходить в ресторан (imperf.), сходить в ресторан (perf.)

restaurant — ресторан

club — клуб

Free Time Phrases

What do you do in your free time? — Что ты делаешь в свободное время?

Do you play an instrument? — Ты играешь на каком-нибудь инструменте?

Do you like going to the theater? — Тебе нравится ходить в театр?

I would like to visit this museum. — Мне хотелось посетить этот музей.

I love going to restaurants. — Мне нравится ходить в ресторан.

I play soccer twice a week. — Я играю в футбол два раза в неделю.

I will sunbathe and read. — Я буду загорать и читать.

Do you like dancing? — Ты любишь танцевать?

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