How To Talk About Free Time In Norwegian

Spend some of your free time learning how to talk about your free time in Norwegian.
A group of people using their free time in Norwegian to play volleyball

Deciding which vocabulary to focus on when you’re starting to learn a language can be a tough choice. There are so many words out there! It’s a smart choice to try to tailor your vocabulary to your experience. If you’re learning Norwegian for a vacation, you’ll need to know about hotel and restaurant vocab. If you’re learning because you love watching Scandinavian noir, you should find some crime terms. But no matter what your main motivation, learning how to talk about you free time in Norwegian is valuable. It’s just the kind of small talk you’ll need to make casual conversation with a native speaker.

To get you started, we gathered together some very general vocab for free time in Norwegian. Whether you’re into art, sports or anything in between, there’ll be some terms here that are good for you to know. And to hear each word pronounced by a native speaker, just click the play button next to each term.

Talking About Free Time In Norwegian

General Hobby Vocabulary

a theater — et theater

a play — et stykke

a movie — en film

television — fjernsyn

to attend — besøke

a musical — en musikal

a museum — et museum

an exhibition — et utstilling

a painting — et maleri

a photography — et fotografi

a gallery — et galleri

a photo — et foto

to paint — male

a drawing — en tegning

a film — en film

to dance — danse

a book — en bok

to read — lese

music — musikk

to sing — synge

an instrument — et instrument

a guitar — en gitar

a piano — et klaver

a game — en lek

to play — leke

a sport — en idrett

soccer — fotball

a gymnasium — et helsestudio

a team — et lag

to walk —

to go shopping — handle

second-hand — brukt

eating out — spise ute

a restaurant — en restaurant

a club — en klub

a bar — en bar

a cafe —  en kafé

Free Time Phrases

What do you do in your free time? — Hva gjør du på fritida?

I love going to restaurants. — Jeg liker det å gå ut til en restaurant.

I play soccer twice a week. — Jeg spiller fotball to ganger i uken.

I will sunbathe and read. — Jeg skal sole meg og lese.

Do you feel like going dancing? — Har du lyst til å gå ut å danse?

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