5 TV Shows You Can Stream To Help You Learn Norwegian

From holiday rom-coms to Scandinavian noir, we’ve got a wide range of Norwegian TV shows to supplement your studies.
Home For Christmas Norwegian TV Shows

If you’re looking for a fun way to reinforce your language learning, watching TV is a great option. And if you’re learning Norwegian, you’re in luck! There’s a surprising number of Norwegian TV shows available to stream online. We’re crafted this list of five shows — four of which are on Netflix — that range from light comedies to intense dramas, and a few series that fall in between.

In this guide to Norwegian TV shows, we tell you where to stream each series, how many seasons are available to watch and what the show’s about. We also provide you with some learning tips, so you can get the most out of your viewing experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy these thrilling Norwegian TV shows!

Norwegian TV Shows To Stream


Lilyhammer Norwegian TV shows
Photo: Netflix

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 3 (canceled)

Show Premise: A former New York mobster goes into witness protection and moves to a small town in Norway, where he tries to start a new life but runs into some “cultural” differences.

Learning Tips: Lilyhammer is a good choice for beginners because some of the show is in English and some of it is in Norwegian. Plus, the English scenes can help you understand the context of what’s going on in the Norwegian scenes. They also give the mind a break to process all of the new language. The default setting on the show is Norwegian with English subtitles, so just log in to Netflix and press play! 

Home Ground

Home Ground Norwegian TV shows
Photo: NRK

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

Number Of Seasons: 2 (renewal TBD)

Show Premise: This soccer drama — Heimebane in Norwegian — tells the story of Helena Mikkelsen, Norway’s first woman coach of a premier men’s team. Mikkelsen faces sexism and a community that hates change, while trying to be successful in her new role and keep herself and her daughter safe.

Learning Tips: The show is in Norwegian with English subtitles. Consider watching an episode with subtitles on and then watching it again, either turning the subtitles off or trying not to look. Since you’ll already be familiar with the story, you should be able to pick up some new words and phrases.


Photo: Netflix

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 3 (ended)

Show Premise: Called Okkupert in Norwegian, this political thriller takes place in the “near future,” when Norway stops producing oil and gas in the face of the climate crisis. In response, Russia (with the European Union’s backing) occupies Norway to restore oil and gas production.

Learning Tips: Occupied will be a little more challenging for Norwegian learners. It features more advanced vocabulary involving politics, industry and the climate. The show is in Norwegian with English subtitles by default, but feel free to try without the subs if you’re comfortable enough with the language.

Home For Christmas

Home For Christmas Norwegian TV shows
Photo: Stefan Borup | Netflix

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 1 (renewal TBD)

Show Premise: 30-year-old Johanne is tired of her family bugging her about being single, so she lies and says she has a boyfriend. This gives her 24 days to find a real man she can bring home for Christmas.

Learning Tips: Another great Norwegian TV show for beginners, Home For Christmas includes useful Norwegian words and sentences about family and dating. The default setting on Netflix should be Norwegian audio with English subtitles. If not, make sure to change it so you don’t end up with the English dubbed version!


Photo: Netflix

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 1 (renewal TBD but unlikely)

Show Premise: This Scandinavian noir crime drama, called Grenseland in Norwegian, features a police detective who covers up evidence in a murder investigation to protect his family. But his partner soon becomes suspicious and the suspense builds.

Learning Tips: From a cultural perspective, this is a good opportunity to experience the classic Scandinavian noir genre of entertainment. Borderliner also can teach Norwegian learners some vocabulary related to crime and police work. Again, the default setting should be Norwegian audio with English subs, but double check that before you start watching.

Header image: Netflix

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