How To Talk About Free Time In Indonesian

Making small talk about your hobbies is as important as anything else you’ll need to learn.
People spending their free time in Indonesian photographing the sunset

When you start learning Indonesian, or really any new language, there are lots of options for what material you should prioritize. We always recommend starting with the vocabulary most relevant to you, whether that means focusing on terms in business, travel or anything else. But it’s also good to find some vocab that might not immediately seem “useful.” Learning to talk about your free time in Indonesian might seem extraneous, but it can come in handy. If you need to make small talk in your new language, you definitely don’t want the only vocab you know to be business jargon.

There are many different ways you might spend your leisure hours, but we collected a vast array of terms for talking about your free time in Indonesian. Whether you like visiting museums or hitting the gym, you’ll find some useful stuff here. And if you want to hear how each term is pronounced, just hit the play button next to each one.

Talking About Free Time In Indonesian

General Hobby Vocabulary

theater — teater

play — karya teater

to attend — hadir

musical — musikal

museum — museum

exhibition — pameran

sculpture — patung

painting — lukisan

photography — fotografi

gallery — galeri seni

photo — foto

to paint — melukis

film — film

drawing — gambar

to dance — berdansa

book — buku

to read — membaca

music — musik

to sing — menyanyi

instrument — alat musik

guitar — gitar

piano — piano

game — permainan

to play — bermain

sport — olahraga

soccer — sepak bola

gym — pusat kebugaran

team — tim

to go shopping — berbelanja

second-hand — bekas

eating out — makan di luar 

restaurant — restoran

club — club malam

bar — bar

cafe — kafe

Free Time Phrases

What do you do in your free time? — Bikin apakah kamu kalau waktu luang?

I love going to restaurants. — Saya suka makan di luar rumah.

I play soccer twice a week. — Saya main sepak bola seminggu dua kali.

I will sunbathe and read. — Saya akan berjemur sambil membaca.

Do you feel like going dancing? — Inginkah kamu pergi berdansa?

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