How To Talk About Your Feelings In Indonesian

Sure, you’ve got your verbs down in Indonesian. But can you emotionally bond with someone?
Mother and baby laughing together sharing their feelings in Indonesian

There are over 600 languages spoken throughout Indonesia’s 17,000-plus islands. And its national language does more than just provide a lingua franca for its diverse inhabitants: by talking about their feelings in Indonesian, they can also share their felt experiences with each other and form closer emotional ties.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Bali or you’re merely seeking a deeper command of the language, learning to talk about your feelings in Indonesian is a good step to take. Click the gray arrows below to hear how the words are pronounced by a native speaker, and continue scrolling to the bottom for examples of how these words can be used in sentences!

Talking About Feelings In Indonesian

Indonesian Emotion Words

to feel — merasa

feeling — perasaan

emotion — emosi

mood — suasana hati

happy — bahagia

sad — sedih

excited — antusias

joy — kegembiraan

love — cinta

hate — kebencian

angry — marah

hope — harapan

depressed — murung

sympathy — belas kasih

lonely — kesepian

satisfied — puas

proud — bangga

disappointed — kecewa

upset — tersinggung

to get over — pasrah

Indonesian Sensation Words

sensation — perasaan

pleasure — kesenangan

hunger — lapar

thirst — haus

pain — rasa sakit

tired — capek

surprise — kejutan

nervous — gugup

fear — takut

(to) get bored — bosan

shock — syok

nostalgia — nostalgia

discomfort — kegelisahan

relief — lega

to irritate — mengganggu

Talking About Feelings In Indonesian

Do you feel good? — Apakah kamu merasa baik?

I love your sense of humor! — Saya suka leluconmu!

I appreciate your honesty. — Saya menghargai kejujuranmu.

I have a strange feeling. — Saya merasa tidak enak.

It is exasperating! — Ini menjengkelkan!

I am afraid! — Saya takut!

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