How To Talk About Food And Drink In Dutch

We’re not saying food is the only reason to go to the Netherlands, but it’s certainly one of the main ones.
Dutch pastries featuring little flags of the Netherlands on toothpicks

The Netherlands is not the most famous culinary country in Europe — that honor likely goes to Italy or France — but this country is definitely a gem of the food world. From delicious pancakes in the morning to bitterballen at night, you’re bound to find something to fall for in the world of Dutch cuisine. Before you dig in to a Dutch dinner party, though, you’ll probably want to learn how to talk about food in Dutch. It would be a shame to travel all the way to the Netherlands and then get tongue-tied when trying to order a stamppot.

We’ve compiled a list of the basic vocabulary you’ll need to know. Click the play button on each of the words to see how they’re pronounced, too!

Meal-Related Words In Dutch

to eat — eten

to drink — drinken

the restaurant — het restaurant

the fast food — het fastfood

menu — het menu

the breakfast — het ontbijtbuffet

the dinner — het avondeten

the main course — het hoofdgerecht

the starter — het voorgerecht

the dessert — het nagerecht

the waiter — de kelner (m.) / de kelnerin (f.)

the check — de rekening

to order — bestellen

the vegetarian — de vegetariër

the tip — de fooi

Food In Dutch

a soup — een soup

the salad — de salade

the bread — het brood

the pasta — de pasta

the tomato — de tomaat

the cheese — de kaas

the rice — de rijst

the potato — de aardappel

the fruit — het fruit

the vegetables — de groenten

the beef — het rundvlees

the pork — het varkensvlees

the poultry — het gevogelte

the fish — de vis

the sausage — de worst

the steak — de steak

Drinks In Dutch

the drink — de drank

the beer — het bier

the wine — de wijn

the tap water — het kraanwater

the mineral water — het mineraalwater

the juice — het sap

the tea — de thee

the coffee — de koffie

the milk — de melk

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