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Could You Go On A Date In A New Language (After Only 3 Weeks)?

We challenged 4 lonely Brits to go on a mystery date in a different language after only 3 weeks with the Babbel app. See how it went in the video below!
Could You Go On A Date In A New Language (After Only 3 Weeks)?

Chances are that if you’re a singleton right now, you’ve thoroughly explored the dating-app scene. You’ve swiped through all the lacklustre offerings in your area on Tinder (awkwardly stumbling across a few friends in the process), or dabbled in and then tired of the more female-friendly market of Bumble. But for many reasons, these options don’t work for a lot people. So let’s forget about all these apps for dating — and try something new. Why not try to broaden your pool by falling in love in a new language with Babbel? After all, did you know that being bilingual is sexier than having a six-pack? Or that learning a flame’s native language can bring you closer together?

But while we’re confident that our app is a fun and effective way to learn a language, can the Babbel app actually help you find love? To find out, we challenged four lonely Brits to learn a new language in only 3 weeks with the Babbel App — and then go on a date in said language. Sure, perhaps this is a rather extreme way to prove our efficacy, but our hearts are in the right place. If you still think we’re bluffing, watch the video below to see how our four Singletons managed:


Amazing, right? We’re super proud of our brave daters — they all did a great job. But how did Babbel enable them to do so well?

1. Our Individualised Lessons Let You Learn What You Want

As I’ve already mentioned above, Babbel isn’t trying to make you learn things you don’t want or need. If you’re not going on a date to the zoo, we’re not going to force you to memorise l’éléphant or le tigre. Unless you want to take your fling to IKEA à la 500 Days of Summer, you can wait to learn the names of furniture for a few months. Instead, you should spend your time learning vocabulary that’s useful for your situation. One of our participants, Tevin, spent the week right before his date going through the German Relationships section in order to say the most important phrases for dating. Meanwhile, Jo spent more time learning about family-oriented vocabulary, so she could talk about her kids.

Flirting is an expression of your true self, and your language learning should mirror that. With Babbel, you’ll learn a language with topics you actually want to talk about, so you’ll be able to express your real self!

“If I’ve learnt that in 3 weeks, imagine how much could I learn in 3 months.” –Marlon

2. We Give You The Confidence To Actually Speak

Is there anything worse than awkward silences on a first date? With Babbel, not only do we teach you vocabulary you actually want to speak, but we give you the confidence to speak. Many people’s classroom experience taught them a language they could read and write, but left them scrambling for words when it came to speaking. We believe that this is the opposite of what language learning should be. Obviously reading and writing are valuable skills, but we use language to connect with people and express ourselves!

Sure, we gave our dates “cheat sheets” so that the conversation would never lull, but they sounded great all on their own. They asked their dates about what they did for work, what they liked about living in London, they talked about their lives, and lots of interesting detours happened along the way. Because feeling confident about speaking = less awkward silences.

3. We Help You Fall In Love (At Least With A New Language)

love learning

It’s clear from the dates that several of our pairs really got on with one another. But even in the case where there wasn’t love at first sight (poor Marco), all of our participants fell in love with the challenge of learning a new language. As Emily said before her date, “I actually love to learn new things now that I’m not forced.” Babbel is a fun and easy way to find a new rewarding goal.

Besides, with our individualised approach, we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with expressing yourself in another language, no matter where you are on your journey. Whether you’re a complete beginner, like Marlon learning Italian, or you want to brush up your earlier French classes, like Emily, or even if you can speak already, like Tevin, but you want to improve certain areas and be more confident expressing yourself, Babbel is here to help.

So if the other dating-apps have let you down, it’s probably time to try something else and learn a new language. We can’t promise that you’ll find Mr or Mrs Right straight away, but the excitement of dating in another language beats going back to Tinder again, right?

Start brushing up on your language skills today with Babbel and you’ll be able to say “What exactly are we?” in no time!

So are you ready to find love in a new language?
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Claire Larkin
Claire Larkin was born and raised in Arizona before jumping ship and moving to Berlin in 2017.
Claire Larkin was born and raised in Arizona before jumping ship and moving to Berlin in 2017.

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