How Do Language Skills Weigh Up Against Looks In Modern Dating?

If you’re looking to improve your love life, you might want to think about training your mind as well as your body. While upping your fitness regime can be a popular new year’s resolution, we discovered that being bilingual makes you more attractive than having a 6-pack.

We partnered with the premium dating site, EliteSingles, to survey more than 6,000 people from 11 countries about what they look for in a date. The results revealed that all around the world, being able to speak different languages boosts your chances when looking for love. 75% of those surveyed said they think it’s attractive when someone speaks more than one language.

In fact, when specifically quizzed about looks versus languages, being multi- or bilingual beat rock hard abs hands down. Nearly all (93%) of the respondents agreed that a partner with language skills was much more appealing than a partner with a 6-pack/athletic build. Most (84%) agreed even if it was just for one date, so maybe we’re not living in such a vain society after all?

It’s A Global Society

The top reasons for picking a partner with language skills are to do with preferring a worldly date — perhaps not surprisingly, in the global society we live in. 39% said that they find other cultures interesting, 16% are attracted to the mystery of another language, 15% simply like the sound of other mother tongues, and 14% love the fact that being able to converse in other languages is a sign of intelligence.

Upping Your Game

If you’re on a dating site and looking to make yourself more appealing to potential matches, make sure you mention your linguistic skills. 42% of the respondents would be more inclined to pursue a date with someone who says they’re multilingual. But if you’re lacking the skills, it’s never too late to learn.

While having another language under your belt can definitely be good for your love life, which one should you be learning if you want to up your dating game? French was voted as the most attractive language, with Spanish and Italian neck and neck for second.

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