What’s Disney Channel Like Around The World?

Here’s what everyone’s favorite mouse looks like on televisions across the globe.
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What’s Disney Channel Like Around The World?

Disney is arguably the leading global entertainment conglomerate, with video games, stores, multiple amusement parks and live performances on ice (and in water). Disney Channel, the TV vertical of the media company, has as much nuance as the programming itself. In an international sense, the shows could be totally different depending on the country you’re watching from.

Here’s what everyone’s favorite mouse looks like on televisions across the globe.


In France, Disney Channel plays a mix of original programming and shows from other countries. Shows in other languages, including the American That’s So Raven and Bunk’d, are dubbed in French. France’s most popular original Disney Channel shows are LoliRock and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Similar to France, Germany dubs all foreign programming in German. Some of Germany’s favorite foreign shows include Jessie and Austin & Ally. Germany’s best gift to the world of Disney is probably the popular live-action series, Binny and the Ghost, but rumors are swirling of an upcoming German original to be titled Disney Channel Magic Room.


Some of Italy’s favorite foreign shows are America’s A.N.T. Farm and Germany’s Binny and the Ghost, which are also dubbed. As far as original programming, Italy is best-known for Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends.

Latin America

No surprise here: the Latin American countries also dub foreign programming (in either Spanish or Portuguese). Shows like K.C. Undercover starring Zendaya are very popular among that audience, but there’s also a Latin American original that’s a global hit. Argentina’s Soy Luna has more than 80 million viewers worldwide and is a favorite among many European countries.


While most other Disney Channel countries will dub their favorite foreign shows and leave it at that, India took a much different route. Turn your TV to Disney Channel here and you’ll see a lot of “Indian-adapted” programming, as in identical plot lines with different casts. Good Luck Charlie? Nope, in India, they have Best of Luck Nikki. And hits like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Jessie have been adapted to The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir and Oye Jassie.



Most of the live-action shows on Disney Channel Scandinavia are in English with subtitles, and a few are dubbed. Animated shows, which are particularly popular there, are dubbed into Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. Scandinavia also took a different route than most other areas by acquiring shows often associated with other networks in different countries, like Degrassi: Next Class (which airs on the Family Channel in Canada).

United Kingdom and Ireland

Disney Channel U.K. is a fan of shows from around the globe like Italy’s Alex & Co and Latin America’s Soy Luna. Non-English shows on this joint channel are dubbed. The Evermoor Chronicles is a very popular U.K. original which you can actually watch in the U.S.

Disney is a global sensation, and there are so many additional shows you can watch depending on language and location. Aside from being entertaining, tuning in could help you practice that language you’re learning!

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