Quiz: Do You Know The Colors In Danish?

How well do you know your Danish colors? Take this quiz and find out!
Color homes along the Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Learning a new language is kind of like learning to paint with all the colors of the wind. But literally, you should also know your basic color vocabulary. If you’ve been hard at work practicing your Danish colors, then you’re already well on your way — but you can also take this quiz to test your knowledge, just to make sure you’ve memorized your vocabulary well.

Once you’ve got a solid handle on your Danish colors, you’ll be able to expertly name all the hues you see on the picturesque Nyhavn in Copenhagen, or deftly discuss color schemes with the shop attendants as you peruse the city’s top-tier design stores.

Whatever your motivation for acing the Danish colors, this quiz is a deceptively challenging one, so make sure you’re not confusing Danish for Norwegian or Swedish!

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