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Todd Ehresmann
Todd Ehresmann was born and raised in the Upper Midwest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He completed his PhD in Germanic Linguistics, delving into the inner workings of urban migration and language change, including his dissertation on the early development of Berlin’s urban dialect. A resident of Berlin since 2012, Todd is on a mission to explore the European continent by bike, one country at a time. When he’s not on two wheels, he can be found baking sourdough bread and croissants, or honing his latest top-secret chocolate chip cookie recipe.
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How Hard Is It To Learn Russian?

How Hard Is It To Learn Russian?

Have you always wanted to read untranslated versions of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy? Or are you just looking to add another alphabet to your repertoire? Whatever your motivations may be, here’s the lowdown on how hard it is to learn Russian.