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Susannah Edelbaum - Babbel Magazine

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Susannah Edelbaum

Susannah grew up on the East End of Long Island, attended Pomona College outside Los Angeles, and spent eight years dithering in New York before moving with her cat to Berlin. The French she studied from ages 11 to 21 has since degraded to sufficient rustiness that it is now on par with her (ever)-emerging German language skills.

Articles by Susannah

16 Useful German Phrases That You Need To Know

Try as you might, it could take a while before you sound like a real German. Here are a few phrases that can help with that.

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“Sie” And “Du”: How To Use Them And Avoid A German Faux Pas

Whether it’s with your in-laws or in the workplace, making the switch from the ‘Sie’ form of address to ‘Du’ is an age-old German dilemma. Here’s how I figured it out.