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Sam Wood
Sam is a vegan travel blogger, freelance writer, social media manager, former English teacher, linguist and occasional guest university lecturer from London, now living in Berlin. He is fascinated with the phonetics of the many varieties of English from all over the world, both from a pedagogical and historical point of view and as well speaks German, Spanish and French plus smatterings of Swedish, Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese. In his free time he enjoys watching Star Trek, doing yoga, baking delicious vegan cakes and performing as a drag queen.
Articles by Sam

All In The Language Family: The Inuit Languages

The Inuit language family: unique, beautiful and hard to pin down.

All In The Language Family: The Austroasiatic Languages

The Austroasiatic language family: over 100 million speakers in 9 different countries. Let’s take a closer look.

Rhoticity In British And American English

What is rhoticity? And how does it affect the way we speak English?

All In The Language Family: The Dravidian Languages

The mysterious Dravidian languages… will we ever know where they came from?

All In The Language Family: The Mayan Languages

Thought the Mayan civilization was long gone? Think again. The Mayan language family is alive and kicking to this day.

All In The Language Family: The Afro-Asiatic Languages

With 500 million native speakers, Afro-Asiatic languages are spoken across Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Which one should you learn?

All In The Language Family: The Sino-Tibetan Languages

As the world’s 2nd largest language group, how did Sino-Tibetan languages evolve?

All In The Language Family: The Uralic Languages

The Uralic Language family might not be as well known as some of its neighbors, but it does boast some interesting linguistic features.

All In The Language Family: The Baltic Languages

So it turns out that the Baltic languages aren’t just all the languages bordering the Baltic Sea. Here’s what they really are.