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Richard Aslan - Babbel Magazine

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Richard Aslan

Richard Aslan is a writer, editor and project maker who is interested in people, the things they do, how they live and the words they use. Richard grew up in the UK but escaped when still a teenager. He has since lived in Egypt, Spain (twice), Japan, Ecuador, and is now based in Berlin. He makes participative and experimental performance as half of ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS.

Articles by Richard

An Introduction To The Turkish Language

This portrait of Turkish looks at its similarity to other Turkic languages, the reforms that modernized it in the 20th century and its unique “sticky” grammar.

An Introduction To The Russian Language

St. Cyril, Peter the Great, Tolstoy, Chekhov: We look at the history of the Russian language and the development of the cyrillic alphabet in an attempt to glimpse the essence of the language.

An Introduction To The Polish Language

Does Polish really deserve its reputation as a fearsome and difficult language? We look at the history of the language to get to its true essence.

Introducing Hay-On-Wye: Perhaps The Best Book Festival In The World

What is Hay-On-Wye and why should you attend? Author Richard Aslan offers up a brief history of the famous book festival in the small Welsh town of Hay-On-Wye, where the books outnumber the inhabitants six-thousand eight-hundred to one.


Why love grammar? Because without it, the sounds we make would be meaningless. My love letter to how humans communicate, in all our weird and wonderful ways.