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Noah Harley - Babbel Magazine

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Noah Harley

Noah Harley is a writer, translator, and musician living in Queens, New York. He recently co-produced and translated for Salero, a feature-length documentary exploring humanity’s fraught relationship with natural resources shot on site in southern Bolivia, which garnered grants from the MacArthur Foundation, the Tribeca Film Institute, and the San Francisco Film Society. When he is not writing articles or producing videos for Babbel, he roams the eastern coast of the United States with his band, The Horse-Eyed Men.

Articles by Noah

Your Best Travel Guide Isn’t A Book

If you’re seeking a “more authentic” travel experience, ditch the guidebook and try speaking some of the local language. It will get you much further than you might think.

Language Fluency Myths That People Still Believe

How should we measure fluency in a foreign language? The answer is not so clear-cut, but there are some persistent myths that need to be busted.