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Michael Youlden - Babbel Magazine

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Michael Youlden

Michael Youlden is from Manchester, England. His fascination with other languages and cultures has led to a lifetime of learning and traveling. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Articles by Michael

Why I Choose To Learn Minority Languages

Mandarin, Spanish, English and Arabic may be the “super languages” of the modern era, but minority languages like Catalan, Breton and Cornish are crucial for the diversity of our cultural DNA.

This Year I Resolve To Learn… My 16th Language

Along with his twin brother, Matthew, Michael Youlden has learned over a dozen languages since the age of eight. So when it comes to making a resolution to learn a language – and how to stick to it – you might want to take his advice.

Twins Who Speak Over 20 Languages: Introducing The Super Polyglot Brothers!

Since we were eight, my brother and I have learned languages together. Now that we each speak more than nine, I can look back and say: having a study partner is helpful, but having a rival is really motivating.