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Matthew Youlden - Babbel Magazine

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Matthew Youlden

Matthew Youlden hails from Manchester, England. Passionate about all things related to languages, he studied Translation and Linguistics and specialised in Sociolinguistics in Berlin and Barcelona. As Babbel's Language Ambassador, Matthew’s mission — should he choose to accept it — is to spread and share the joy of learning languages. He currently resides in Berlin.

Articles by Matthew

The Language Guessing Game — New York Edition

We challenge New Yorkers to a language guessing game. Does living in a city of 800 languages give them an advantage? See how they do when we put them on the spot.

Matthew’s Tips: How To Learn A Language All By Yourself

Matthew Youlden shares his best tips on how to successfully learn a language on your own.

Discovering San Francisco In 7 Languages: Adventures Of A Polyglot

Babbel’s resident polyglot Matthew Youlden recently traveled to San Francisco to present a course on language learning for Creative Live. Here’s his travel diary.

How To Learn Spanish, German, French, Or Any Other Language On Your Own

When I learn a new language, I spend a significant amount of time studying on my own. Here are 7 tips I follow in order to stay focused and learn independently.

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Languages, From A Guy Who Speaks 9

Looking for one good reason to learn a foreign language? How about seven? Advice from our resident expert on why picking up another language is a good idea.