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Lars - Babbel Magazine

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At 22, like most students in Russia, Lars completed his studies in his home country. After finishing his degree in teaching Russian and English philology, he went to Heidelberg, where he studied German and Spanish philology for his master's program. After graduation, he followed fate to Berlin, where he’s been working as an author and editor for Babbel’s Russian courses since 2014.

Articles by Lars

How To Address People In Russian

When do you say Вы (“Vy” — formal “you”) versus ты (“ty” — informal “you”), and what’s the deal with the patronymic? A Russian native speaker explains.

How To Say Hello In Russian

Are you wondering how to properly greet someone in Russia? Learn the most useful ways to say hello in Russian — whether you’re greeting someone formally, informally or on the other side of the country!

What’s going on in Russia on March 8th?

Babbel’s Russian course editor Lars shares his insight into traditional celebrations in Russia and the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.