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Joshua Stephens - Babbel Magazine

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Joshua Stephens

Joshua works in Babbel’s communications team, developing narrative strategy and storytelling in a variety of formats. He likes dogs, coffee, and books; dislikes socks.

Articles by Joshua

Behind the Scenes: Cemre

A Junior Fullstack Engineer talks to us about moving from studies to full-time work.

Behind the Scenes: Marcelo

A Senior Product Designer breaks down what’s best about no two days being alike at Babbel.

A Look Back at Babbel x Tech Open Air

We reflect on Babbel’s participation in TOA Berlin, with a video stroll through the scenes and a conversation with our Director of Engineering.

Behind the Scenes: Yotam

An iOS engineer at Babbel talks to us about culture and daily rhythms.

Behind the Scenes: Lana

Our newest Engineering Manager talks to us about her background, her role, and moving to Berlin.

Learning the Ropes: A Dutch Rock Climber’s Language Journeys

From the scenic mountains of the Netherlands to the Greek peninsula, Sascha Prinssen discusses how her love for climbing helped her cross language barriers.

Babbel: Perspectives, Vol. 3 Explores the Promise and Peril of Mobile Technology

The third installment of Babbel: Perspectives takes a look into how mobile technologies offer and hinder access to a more global and accessible future.

Advanced English, Drawn from the Headlines

Samuel of Babbel’s Didactics team discusses our most recent Advanced English course, and how fluency can help paint a picture of how we show up to the world.

How and Why: Gender-Neutral Language

Babbel’s in-house presentation series, Strangers, explores the creative and community benefits of learning and using gender-neutral language.