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Jimmy Purtill - Babbel Magazine

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Jimmy Purtill

Jimmy is a fanatical bicycle traveler and filmmaker. He grew up in Australia and later Germany. He learned German by doing and enjoys jumping in at the deep end when learning languages. Travel is a big part of his life and, together with his partner Pia, he now produces travel films for The Babbel Magazine and his blog, robohorse.tv.

Articles by Jimmy

Berlin To Venice By Bike: Learning A New Language On The Road

When my girlfriend and I set out to ride our bikes from Berlin to Venice, the biggest challenge wasn’t cycling for weeks or crossing the Alps, it was attempting to speak the local languages along the way.

How To Have Basic Conversations In A New Language After Only One Week Of Study

In part 3 of our new travel series, Jimmy lays out his suite of hacks and shortcuts that get him speaking a new language as quickly as possible.