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Jasmine Chao - Babbel Magazine

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Jasmine Chao

Jasmine is from Los Angeles, California. With her sights set on the Big Apple, she moved to New York in 2014. She's been told people can tell she's not a native because she smiles too much. She joined the Babbel team in 2015.

Articles by Jasmine

And The Award For Best Accent In A Movie Goes To…

Ranking American and British actors on their cross-Atlantic accents in Hollywood movies.

Professional Captioners Reveal The Mispronounced Words Of 2016

Babbel commissioned leading U.S and U.K. organizations of captioning professionals to identify the words in 2016 that proved the most challenging for newscasters to pronounce correctly.

Au Revoir! As President Obama Leaves Office, We Rate His Foreign Language Skills

Babbel has asked embassies and expats in the US to rate President Obama’s attempts to speak languages from around the world.