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George Oliver - Babbel Magazine

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George Oliver

George Oliver is an actor from the West-Country who now lives in London. His first serious acting role was a Flower in 'Minibeast's Ball' at Stoberry Park Primary School (Dir. Mrs Loder). His performance was so intense that several audience members complained of hay fever.

Articles by George

How Laughter Can Help Us Learn A Foreign Language

Language teachers often attempt to foster a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the easy flow of conversation. One of the best tools for this is humour. Used wisely, humour can close the social distance between teacher and student, and helps remove the fear of speaking. George Oliver looks at how humour helped him both learn and teach languages.

How Language Skills Helped This Actor On Tour Abroad

An English actor divulges his favored approach to language learning and how he’s wielded words in foreign countries.