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Frederico Gonçalves - Babbel Magazine

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Frederico Gonçalves

We are a team of more than 750 people from over 50 nations with a shared passion for languages. From our offices in Berlin and New York, we help people discover the joys of self-directed language learning. We currently offer 14 different languages — from Spanish to Indonesian — that millions of active subscribers choose to learn.

Articles by Frederico

Signing OkHttp requests with the AWS V4 signing algorithm

Integrate a custom signing library with amazon SDK.

I’ve trusted you! You promised no null pointer exceptions!

Null-safety in Kotlin is easy to break using Gson, this article explains why.

What is dependency injection after all?

What is it, and how dependency injection is helping out in software development.

Android Modular Project – Organizing your library dependencies

As your project grows you might have found the need to split it into several modules. This becomes even more prominent when you’re working in a company where several teams develop the same app, but different features.

An approach to TDD in Android

How this approach improved my development and can improve yours too.

Retrofit 2 and Rx Java call adapter error handling

“Should I or shouldn’t I update to Retrofit 2?” I asked myself.