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Flávia Custódio Coe - Babbel Magazine

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Flávia Custódio Coe
Flavia Custodio Coe is a journalist and has written about fashion, cinema, literature and art for Brazilian publications. She's also working on her Master's degree in Editing at the London College of Communication. After living in London, Flavia also lived in Nice and Rome, where she learned the local languages. Now she lives in Berlin, where she writes about her experiences and makes an effort to not forget all the languages she's learned.
Articles by Flávia
Lisbon Without The Tourist Traps: 10 Must-See Places

Lisbon Without The Tourist Traps: 10 Must-See Places

If you’re planning to spend a few days in the Portuguese metropolis of Lisbon, you’re probably looking authentic experiences rather than a crush of other visitors. Well you’re in luck — this isn’t your ordinary Lisbon travel guide. Here are 10 offbeat places we recommend.