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Catriona Miller - Babbel Magazine

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Catriona Miller

Catriona is a Berlin-based Scot who will never say no to Kaffee und Kuchen — it would be rude not to try all the cakes in Germany. A keen linguist, writer, translator and Escape Room player, you can follow her on her blog, Bella Mozzarella.

Articles by Catriona

5 Tricks That Helped Me To Start Speaking Danish In One Week

We challenged 6 people to start speaking Danish, Swedish or Norwegian in just 7 days — using only the Babbel app! Here, one of our Danish learners shares five tricks that got her speaking Danish in just one week.

Scottish Phrases The World Should Be Using

If you thought the Scottish accent was the only stumbling block in the northern land of rolling hills and misty mountains, think again! Scotland has a rich vocabulary of its own, including many wonderful phrases waiting to be spread across the globe.