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Barbara Woolsey - Babbel Magazine

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Barbara Woolsey

Barbara Woolsey was raised on the Canadian prairies by a Filipino mother and Irish-Scottish father – and that multicultural upbringing has fuelled a life's passion for language and cross-cultural storytelling. She is based in Berlin, Germany where she works as a freelance TV producer for Reuters and contributes to several international publications. She also writes Lonely Planet guidebooks about places in Europe and Asia. Barbara speaks fluent German and is working on her Thai and Tagalog.

Articles by Barbara

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When you’re an ultra-beginner, learning German can be a little intimidating. We have a few tips that’ll get you on track.

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Should Berlin Be A Bilingual City?

Official stats show that around 35 percent of the population, or 1.3 million residents, now have foreign roots. Could Berlin be on its way to becoming an officially bilingual city?

Making Space For Europe’s Endangered Languages

“Northern Sámi is, in fact, a living language, spoken by regular people like myself and my family at home. And as long as it’s being spoken, it can never be dying.”

What’s a Tandem Partner And How Should I Get One?

Simply put, a tandem partner speaks the language you want to practice, and seeks to practice the language you speak. Here’s my advice for finding one.