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Babs - Babbel Magazine

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Babs has no time for nonsense or last names, but she has a soft spot for eager learners who are willing to fumble their way to multilingual finesse with the help of her straight-talkin' advice. Babs is a world-weary barista with a master's degree in comparative literature. She has a thing for podcasts, knitting, and men's hockey. Email her your language and culture conundrums at babs@babbel.com.

Articles by Babs

Ask Babs: I Have A Crush On Someone, But He Doesn’t Speak My Language. How Do I Do This?

This month: Cupid attempts to shatter the language barrier. Also, how to avoid pronouncing “years” like “anuses” in Italian.

Ask Babs: How Do I Convince My English-Only Relatives That Language Learning Is Good For Them?

This month: how to dismantle the provincial-archy. Also, a German learner accidentally introduces his love interest as his girlfriend. Can he walk it back smoothly?

Ask Babs: How Do You Respond When You Overhear People Badmouthing You In Another Language?

This month: how to clap back in any language. Also, the difference between ‘preservative’ and ‘preservativo’ (and how to correctly ask about the nutritional content of your sausage).

Ask Babs: Why Don’t Native Speakers Ever Want To Talk To Me In Their Language?

This month: an aspiring polyglot talks to the hand. Also, how to swim your way out when foreign curse words land you in hot water.

Ask Babs: I Corrected My Friend’s Pronunciation At Dinner, And Now He’s Mad. How Does One Keep It Classy In These Situations?

This month: walking the fine line between ‘smug jerk’ and ‘enabler of bad pronunciation.’ Also, a married person (shockingly) stresses about her in-laws.

Ask Babs: I Misspoke At Dinner, And Now My French Host Family Thinks I’m Pregnant. How Do I Recover?

This month: what to expect when you’re not expecting (but your host family thinks you are). Also, an introvert struggles with intimacy and German.