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Adriana Jiménez - Babbel Magazine

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Adriana Jiménez

Adriana is a philologist — someone who studies language in historical contexts. Since her childhood, she's been interested in learning new things daily. Her fascination with languages led her to learn German and Turkish after turning 40, and so now she considers herself an expert in the motivations and learning techniques for adults.

Articles by Adriana

A Tour Of Carnival Traditions In Latin America

Many countries celebrate Carnival around the same time, but these traditions still stand out.

Latin American Christmas And New Year’s Traditions

Here’s a look at some of the end-of-year celebrations, traditions and superstitions around Latin America.

A Guide To Nahuatl, An Influential Language Rich In History

The various Nahua peoples live in Central America and they’re united by two common languages: Nahuatl and Spanish.

An Introduction To Quechua, One Of The World’s Most Widely Spoken Indigenous Languages

Quechua is a macrolanguage with more than 10 million speakers in seven Latin American countries: Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

The History Of The Spanish Language And Its Many Influences

Have you ever wondered about the history of the Spanish language? Let’s travel back in time and discover where everything began.

The Real Reason People Over 50 Are So Good At Learning Languages

I managed to learn a new language in my 50’s, here’s how: