How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Portuguese

Roses are vermelhas, violets are azuis. Learn the colors in Portuguese so you can be feliz (happy)! Here’s a brief guide.
colors in Portuguese
You plan a summer vacation in beautiful Brazil and can’t wait to relax at the beach all day. You meet this cool guy named Rodrigo at the beach; he doesn’t speak any English so you introduce yourself using your limited Portuguese skills. He ends up inviting you to a party that night at his place, which is nearby. He tells you to make a left at the corner and head a few blocks down until you see the house that’s amarela — that’s his place. You don’t know your colors in Portuguese but don’t want to seem ignorant, so you just smile and nod as Rodrigo walks away. Long story short: you never get to that party at cool Rodrigo’s because you don’t know which house is his.

Don’t miss out on cool parties in Brazil. Learn to name and pronounce the colors in Portuguese with this quick guide.

The color — a cor

Red — vermelho

Orange — laranja

Yellow — amarelo

Green — verde

Blue — azul

Purple — lilás

Pink — rosa

Brown — marrom

Black — preto

White — branco

Light — claro

Dark — escuro

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