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Gábor, lead of our new engineering mentorship program, tells us why you should join us.

Hi! I’m Gábor. I want to tell you about an exciting new training program I’m running at Babbel, Berlin for aspiring software engineers. It’s called Babbel Neos. But first, a bit about how I ended up in this position.

I learnt web development during high school for fun. I got my first full-time job during university but I eventually never finished my studies. I always found it easy to find a job that was meaningful to me and helped me develop professionally. I did not only have the chance to progress in my career as a software engineer, but also change my role a couple of times and explore new fields. I transitioned from web development to QA engineering to engineering management to product management. I had the option to work in San Francisco at the Bay Area tech scene.

Technology changes fast. For professionals who work in technology, continuous learning is especially important. Fresh graduates or career changers find it difficult to gain relevant experience without having the opportunity to work on real-life projects. At the same time, engineering teams often do not have the bandwidth to provide the required mentorship for juniors to help them integrate successfully into teams. What will break this vicious circle?

I now recognize this privilege throughout my career. I would like to help create opportunities for people who would like to work in tech, but have difficulties finding a job that matches their skill set. Very recently I have decided to take on this challenge at Babbel.

Babbel is a learning company — inside and out. Company values are best represented in action. Therefore, I’m happy to announce that we are launching a new engineering mentorship program called Babbel Neos. It is a 6 month long paid training program in Berlin for those who invested in educating themselves in software engineering, yet were not able to find a job in the market. Although we cannot guarantee a software engineering job offer for all of the trainees who complete the program, we created this program with the intention to do so.

Application is closed.

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

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