Naming The Parts Of The Body In German

There are non-clinical uses for this vocabulary too, you know.
legs hanging out of car window illustrating body parts in german

It’s easy to underestimate how much we relate to our bodies, and not always in a strictly literal sense. Someone might be a “pain in the neck,” or you might occasionally “need a hand with” something. Of course, we also frequently talk about eyes, faces, and feet, too, and if you haven’t yet learned to name the body parts in German, you’ll find that you’ll soon come up short in conversation.

Add this vocabulary to your repertoire, and you’ll never struggle to discuss the embodied sensations you’re feeling again as you learn German. As a bonus, we threw in some examples of how you might use these words in sentences. Knowing how to tell someone they have a “wonderful body”? Those are conversation skills for real life.

Below, you’ll find basic vocabulary for talking about body parts in German, together with audio from a native speaker to help you pronounce it right.

Body Parts In German

the body part — der Körperteil

the body — der Körper

the foot — der Fuß

the arm — der Arm

the hand — die Hand

the head — der Kopf

the finger — der Finger

the eyes — die Augen

the face — das Gesicht

the legs — das Bein

the mouth — der Mund

the nose — die Nase

the knee — das Knie

the ear — das Ohr

the tooth — der Zahn

the neck — der Hals

the back — der Rücken

the stomach — der Bauch

Sentences Involving Body Parts

We go there on foot. — Da gehen wir zu Fuß hin.

He uses his left hand to write. — Er schreibt mit seiner linken Hand.

Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t asleep. — Ihre Augen waren geschlossen, aber sie schlief nicht.

She has an expressive face. — Sie hat ein interessantes Gesicht.

Your knee joint helps you bend your leg. — Dein Knie gelenk hilft dir, das Bein zu beugen.

I was lifting heavy boxes all day; now I have an aching back. — Ich habe den ganzen Tag schwere Kisten gehoben, jetzt schmerzt mein Rücken.

He has a wonderful body. — Er hat einen schönen Körper.

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