How To Talk About Feelings In German

If you’re happy and you know it, learn how to say so in German!
Niemieckie słowa i zwroty opisujące uczucia

Being unable to express your emotions can be tough. If you’re feeling mad or sad or bad, you’ll want to let others know so they can help you feel better. And if you’re happy, that’s also worth sharing for entirely different reasons. This is hard enough to do in your native language sometimes, and it only gets harder in another. Learning vocabulary for feelings in German can be a great first step.

We’ve collected the basic German emotions vocab to help you get started as you learn German. And if German pronunciation is something you struggle with, click on the play buttons to hear how each word is pronounced by a native speaker!

German Emotions And Feelings Vocab

German Emotion Words

the emotion — die Emotion

the mood — die Laune

happy — glücklich

sad — traurig

excited — begeistert

the joy — die Freude

the love — die Liebe

the hate — der Hass

angry — wütend

to feel — sich fühlen

the feeling — das Gefühl

the hope — die Hoffnung

depressed — deprimiert

the sympathy — das Mitgefühl

lonely — einsam

satisfied — zufrieden

proud — stolz

disappointed — enttäuscht

upset — aufgebracht

to get over — darüber hinwegkommen

German Emotion Phrases

I like you. — Ich mag dich.

I have a strange feeling. — Ich habe ein seltsames Gefühl.

I am in a good mood today. — Ich habe heute gute Laune.

It is exasperating! — Es ist zum Verzweifeln!

I’m afraid. — Ich habe Angst!

He has the blues today. — Er ist heute melancholisch.

I love you. — Ich liebe dich.

Why are you sad? — Warum bist du traurig?

Are you happy with her? — Bist du glücklich mit ihr?

I am so unhappy. — Ich bin so unglücklich!

German Sensation Words

the sensation — die Empfindung

the pleasure — das Vergnügen

the hunger — der Hunger

the thirst — der Durst

the pain — der Schmerz

the surprise — die Überraschung

nervous — nervös

tired — müde

the fear — die Angst

to get bored — sich langweilen

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