Commemorating Haitian Heritage Month With The Le Flambeau Foundation

For three years, Babbel has partnered with LFF to provide language learning tools and scholarships to Haiti.
Haitian heritage month represented by a Haitian parade with saxophone, trombone and euphonium players decked out in the Haitian flag

May is Haitian Heritage Month, a yearly celebration of Haiti’s history and diaspora. Throughout the month, communities hold events that laud Haiti and its descendants around the world.

To mark the occasion, Babbel is highlighting its collaboration with the Le Flambeau Foundation, an organization that provides educational scholarships and programming to youth in Haiti, with an emphasis on English learning. 

Haitian Heritage Month

Haitian Heritage Month was first celebrated in May 1998, having grown out of Haitian Flag Day, which is held each year on May 18. The commemoration is based in the United States, and its first observation was when the Boston-based TV station Tele Kreyol broadcast a month-long series on Haiti’s many contributions to the world. The widespread adoption of the month was spearheaded by the Haitian community in Florida, particularly in Palm Beach County, which first held its Haitian Heritage Month in May 2001. In the years since, the month has continued to expand to more communities, though it has yet to be fully recognized nationally. 

Because it is largely a celebration in the United States, many Haitian Heritage Month events focus specifically on the contributions that Haitians have made to the country. This includes historical figures like Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, a fur trader who founded the city of Chicago, as well as more modern figures like Claudine Gay, a daughter of Haitian immigrants who was recently named the 30th president of Harvard University. The Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Domingue, which was made up of Haitian soldiers who fought in the Siege of Savannah, is also often recognized for its important role in helping the United States achieve independence from the United Kingdom.

Beyond individual contributions, Haitian Heritage Month honors the widespread achievements of Haiti. From the Haitian Revolution being the only successful slave revolt to the Haitian musical and culinary influence that has spread throughout the world, Haiti has countless accomplishments to mark throughout May.

The Le Flambeau Foundation And Babbel

The Le Flambeau Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that seeks to connect people in Haiti with opportunities in the field of technology, business and agriculture. By creating a partnership between Haiti and the United States, the foundation is training a new generation of Haitian students to attain skills that will help them find strong careers. In addition, scholars who receive full scholarships commit to give back to the youth of Haiti for at least two years after graduation.

One of the central pillars of the Le Flambeau Foundation is English language education, because knowledge of English is expected across a number of major fields. Since August 2020, Babbel has partnered with the foundation to help achieve those ends. We’ve provided free subscriptions and donated time to help meet various needs. In particular, we’ve provided vouchers to the Spark of Le Flambeau, an English-language exchange program for students in Haiti and the United States.

Join The Movement

Education is unanimously considered to be the most effective means to overriding economic, political and historical barriers. In Haiti, knowing how to speak English is viewed as the number one vehicle for accessing jobs, scholarships, education, invaluable networks, and ultimately, positive change. Learning English can significantly change one’s situation and that of one’s family and friends, and Babbel is proud to help provide that access.

Support education for youth in Haiti and foster sustainable impact for Haiti, the United States and the world. May is Haitian Heritage Month, but you can impact the future of talented Haitian youth and their future contributions all year long by supporting us and the Le Flambeau Foundation.

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