The Babbel Date Prepper: Guide to International Flirting

You and this guide are a match made in heaven!

If you’ve ever had your eye on a foreign-tongued crush and wanted to impress them with some local lingo, Babbel’s got your back. We’re well aware of the cluttered market that is the modern dating world — and every little thing helps when it comes to standing out. That’s why we’re firing Cupid’s arrow through the language barrier to help you sharpen your skills and get ahead of your rivals with some international flirting.

Remember when we discovered that being bilingual was sexier than having a six-pack? While you can learn a lot in three weeks, the Babbel Date Prepper can help you out if you’ve cut it too close to becoming bilingual.

Available in Babbel’s most popular languages, this is a crash-course in cross-cultural dating advice. Learn how to spark up a conversation and impress whomever you’ve had your eyes on with insights, useful words and phrases, and interactive dialogues that will teach you how to engage in international flirting with confidence.

Check out the video below for some international flirting!


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How International Flirting Works

How would you reply when a German date asks “Hast du Feuer?” (Do you have a lighter?) What context would call for an Italian to exclaim “Dimmi se questo non è il destino!” (If this isn’t fate!)? And what would a Brazilian squeeze mean when they say “Eu vou fazer você suar!” ? (You’ll have to look that one up on your own!) With the Date Prepper, you’ll know what these mean and how to respond.

Designed as a fun way to get English speakers out of their monolingual comfort zone, this tool gives you the essential skills and phrases you need to come out on top.

Tips specifically for English speakers from inside the Babbel Date Prepper include:

  • If you invite a German out for coffee, don’t be surprised when they expect you to pay your share — it’s common to split the bill.
  • Scrub up well for an Italian — looking good is just as important as your listening skills.
  • Your French date could greet you with up to three kisses (depending on where they’re from) so don’t offer an awkward handshake or a half-hearted hug.
  • Brazilians are passionate by nature and are usually a little forward. If they like you, you’ll know about it pretty quickly.
  • Your Spanish date is likely to turn up late — don’t be too disheartened.

The proven Babbel Method has been applied to the world of dating to help you ask that special someone out in their native tongue. Why? Because 91% of Babbel users said they’d learn another language to improve their love lives. So go the extra mile and learn the language of your love.

Up your game and learn a new language today.
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