Quiz: Which Country Best Matches Your Flirting Style?

Whether you’re forward with love interests or prefer to admire from a distance, there’s a country that matches your style. Try our flirting quiz to find out where you’d thrive!
Flirting Quiz

Everyone flirts differently. Some people make cute jokes and give lots of compliments; other people pine after a crush for years on end and just hope they’ll get noticed one day. One’s cultural environment can affect how they flirt, too, because certain norms and standards for things like who should pay for dinner and how much physicality is appropriate can vary from place to place. But maybe your flirting style would be better suited for a different country. To find out, take our flirting quiz and see where you’d fit in best.

Of course, no country is a monolith and flirting is more an art than a science, but we drew from our resources around the world to give you a good idea of what it’s like to flirt in various countries.

If you want to find out more about flirting around the world, you can check out our guides to flirtation in the United States, France, Mexico, Brazil and Germany!

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