Babbel Challenge Week 2: Establish A Habit

This week, we buckle in for the long haul and learn tools and tricks for sticking to the plan once our beginner’s excitement wears off.
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Babbel Challenge Week 2: Establish A Habit

Kick off 2019 by joining the January Babbel Challenge! Every Monday in January, we’re publishing an article to help you establish a healthy learning habit. By the end of the month, you will be on your way to reaching your language-learning goals.

This Week’s Challenge

Last week, we all made public commitments to our goals and looked around to see who was in the same boat with us. Hopefully, you were able to join the wider community and make some language-learning friends!

This week, we’re going to equip you with the right tools and mentality to make language learning a habit, and not something you’ll relegate to the heap of other New Year’s Resolutions that couldn’t kick it past January 7th.

One of the things we constantly preach at Babbel is that it’s far more effective to study for 15 minutes daily than it is to study for 4 hours at a time (and then give up prematurely because you’re already burnt out on your unsustainable language binge). Fortunately, this makes it a lot easier to find time for language learning — even for the busiest among us.

For this week’s challenge, come up with a game plan for how you’re going to build language learning into your daily routine. This could mean deciding that you’re going to do it in the morning while you’re eating breakfast, or while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, or while you’re waiting in the parking lot for your kids to get out of school. It’s best to come up with more than one “trigger” or “window of opportunity” so that if you miss your usual one, you have a backup. Then, tell us your game plan and share your progress! Just don’t forget to use the hashtag #BabbelChallenge to connect with other participants.

The perks of completing this week’s challenge include:

  • Deepening your commitment to your goal in a way that’s actually going to last
  • Overcoming your resistance around “not having enough time”
  • Establishing a sustainable routine that will support your progress and success

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