7 Tricks To Start Speaking Any Language In 7 Days

The 10-language twins undertook the challenge of learning a language in one week. What can we learn from how they learned?

What can be accomplished in a week? Multilingual twins Matthew and Michael Youlden decided to try and learn a language (see video above)! But you don’t have to be a multilingual mastermind to do what they did. Based on the twins’ own techniques, here are the seven steps that anyone can use to learn a language:

1. Set Goals

Clearly define your goal at the very beginning and then plot a route towards achieving this goal.

2. Get Sticky

Map and label your immediate environment in the new language from the very first moment (yay post-its!).

3. Grab A Partner

Whether you’re motivated by competition or a sense of mutual responsibility, the mere presence of a learning partner is likely to exert just the right amount of pressure to keep you on track.

4. Reward Yourself

You need milestones on your route towards your goal. The gratification that comes with hitting milestones will spur you on to ever greater heights.

5. Eat The Language

Surround yourself with the food, music and films of your new language, so that even in your downtime you can prime your mind.

6. Use What You Already Know

Find parallels and make comparisons between the language(s) you already know and your new language.

7. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

So you have your route plotted and an idea of your go-to methods, but remember to be open to trying new experiences and mixing things up!

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