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Join Babbel’s 30-Day Challenge And Make Language Learning A Habit

Our new 30-day challenge sharpens all the skills you need to use your language in real life and make language-learning a habit.
Join Babbel’s 30-Day Challenge And Make Language Learning A Habit

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The path to success is rarely a straight line, and that includes your language-learning journey. Even the most motivated learners get sidetracked or stalled from time to time; we’re here to help. Our team has created a new language-learning 30-day challenge designed to keep you motivated with a series of short, easy-to-achieve daily challenges. This challenge is built around each of the four language skill areas you need to target to feel confident reading, writing, listening and speaking in a new language.

How Does Babbel’s 30-Day Challenge Work?

When you sign up below, you’ll receive an email every Monday in September with the week’s suggested challenges and additional learning content. Each challenge will take anywhere between 1 – 15 minutes to complete, so it’s easy to pick challenges that fit your schedule. We recommend you try to complete a challenge every day — consistency is better than cramming.

Week 1 — Reading
Week 2 — Writing
Week 3 — Listening
Week 4 — Speaking

Who Should Do This Challenge?

This challenge offers something for every learner, whether you’re refreshing your high school Spanish, picking up French for a trip to Paris or just trying to sound more confident at an Italian restaurant. We’ll focus on the most popular languages our community is learning — Spanish, French, German, Italian — but have plenty of resources for other language learners. And while we will offer challenges that anyone can do without a Babbel subscription, you will get the most out of this challenge if you accompany the challenge with a regular 10-15 minute Babbel lesson.

What Can I Expect To Get Out Of It?

If you complete the 30-day challenge and commit to practicing daily (or close enough to it), at the end of the challenge you can expect:

An Understanding Of Your Strengths (and Weaknesses) — You’ll be empowered to target your learning based on your strengths and weaknesses. Each week will focus on a different area of language competency, so you’ll understand where you need the most practice.

Solid Language Skills — You’ll be able to express simple thoughts and phrases using the most relevant vocabulary, first-person pronouns, present-tense verbs and useful adjectives. To accelerate your language learning, or advance beyond conversational basics, we recommend a Babbel subscription. By doing just one 10-15 minute lesson daily during this challenge, you’ll be able to complete an entire beginner unit (which CUNY determined was equivalent to a semester of college Spanish)!

A Healthy New Habit — By investing just a few minutes each day into your language-learning practice, you’ll cultivate a healthy new habit. Not only will you gain some language skills, but you’ll also notice pleasant science-backed side effects like better mental fitness and overall increased happiness.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Sign up with your email in the form below. The first 100 people to sign up will get some Babbel swag!
  2. Follow @BabbelUSA on Twitter and Instagram (maybe Facebook, too?). Meet the team and community by using the hashtag #BabbelChallenge to say hi.
  3. Stay tuned for your first email on September 3.

Sign up will end on Thursday, August 29, so don’t wait! Here’s to a successful September 🍻

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