Learning German

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Learning German

While many Germans speak excellent English, there are still numerous compelling reasons to learn German. Those interested in travel will find that taking the time to learn German not only helps practically but also offers an insight into German culture, from popular newspapers to classical opera. Being able to read in the German language can help business people keep abreast of current affairs in one of the world’s most important economies, while those of a literary bent will be able to enjoy many famous books in their original language. On a more practical note, those who learn German often enjoy an advantage when looking for work. Companies which operate in the German market prefer candidates who have at least some understanding of the German language, while German tourists travelling abroad often appreciate people making the effort to speak to them in their own language, which means that people who learn German are in high demand in the tourist industry.

Different ways of learning German

There are many different ways to learn the German language. Those who need to learn German in a hurry might wish to start by using a book and audio course. While these courses can provide a good foundation in the German language, their quality and price vary widely. The other danger of these courses is that the content may have been written some time previously and therefore be out of date. They can also be difficult to fit into modern lifestyles. Studying on the train to work can be a great use of time for those who have pleasant journeys but not for those on packed trains with no seats.

Smartphone apps for learning German are widely available and are more likely to have been written recently, however they can also suffer from the same issues of quality as the more traditional book and audio courses. In addition there are further practicalities to consider. Trying to learn German by reading from a mobile phone screen can be hard on the eyes and can drain the battery at an alarming rate.

Some people opt to learn German by attending classroom-based courses, however these can be very expensive and, given that they are at fixed hours, it can be challenging to fit them into a busy lifestyle. There can also be issues with learners who have different needs as it can be difficult for teachers to offer individual attention.

Learning German with Babbel

Online courses are able to combine the best of traditional and modern teaching methods. With its ad-free interface and a combination of low cost, easy-to-use, quality content, Babbel is an effective and convenient way to learn the German language. There are plenty of fun exercises to develop skills in reading, listening, writing and pronunciation and a forum where learners can get extra help (and make new friends). Babbel is new, fun, and great value for money. Are you ready to learn German? Then enter Babbel.com and start your personalized german course.

Learning German