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German is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. It is is spoken in countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and is the most commonly spoken language within the European Union. It is a useful language for business and commerce purposes, as well as for travel. Unsurprisingly, many people wish to acquire the language for leisure or business purposes. But is learning German for free possible?

Language Websites

Many websites offer the possibility to learn German for free. Some courses are hosted by reputable websites and offer the novice their first free German lessons. However, most of these websites cater for absolute beginners. Once language learners have reached a level beyond that of a beginner in the language, they will quickly find that they have outgrown the resources offered by the site. Despite this, a free website can be a useful way for someone who has never encountered the language before to gain a basic familiarity with the language. A downside of learning German for free from a website is that there is no option to receive personalised instruction or tailored feedback.

Social Networks

You can learn German for free on social network sites. This is a very useful method to increase confidence in the German language. However, social networks do not provide free German lessons. It is difficult for those learning German for free to receive instruction in the basics of the German language from social network sites. The use of social networks to learn German is much more appropriate for those who are experienced German conversationalists. For them, social networks offer great opportunities to further practise the language. Unfortunately, it is not such a good platform to learn German for free in a structured manner.

Native speakers

Those learning German for free could enlist the help of a native speaker of German. An experienced German speaker who is willing to communicate either in person or by email is ideal. They are able to assist with free German lessons and provide timely feedback. However, only very few learners of a foreign language are in the fortunate position of having a native speaker as a friend who is also willing to invest the amount of time required to help you learn German for free.

Learning German with Babbel

Babbel does not provide free German lessons, but it is very competitively priced. You have the benefit of being able to learn at your own pace – from the level of the complete beginner to the very advanced. Babbel’s multi-media platform has combined all the advantages of learning through website or social media and you can learn “on the move” through a variety of Babbel Mobile applications. The system includes a ‘review manager’ to tailor the learning process to your individual needs. You benefit from having a German speaking ‘friend’ online in the form of the Babbel community. With Babbel, you won’t learn German for free, but you will learn German in a way that incorporates all the advantages of modern techniques of language learning. And you can test the first lesson of each course for free.