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Learn German Vocabulary With Babbel

The German language has a long history and a huge influence on English. There are numerous benefits to learning German, including the fact that seven countries call German their official language. Babbel is the most effective way to learn German at a stress-free speed that suits your lifestyle.

The Origins of German

German is an Indo-European language that evolved from Old Saxon. People in various countries spoke several different versions of German over the centuries, including Old High German and Middle High German. In fact, the German written language was only standardized in 1800.

German and English Cognates

German and English share many cognates. Cognates are words that sound or are spelled the same way as a word in another language. For instance, the German word for 'allergy' is 'Allergie.' German speakers say 'Alkohol' when referring to alcohol. In German, 'mouse' translates to 'Maus,' and 'music' to 'Musik.'

German and English: False Friends?

German and English also feature a number of false cognates (sometimes called false friends), or words that seem similar between languages but actually mean very different things. For instance, the German word 'Chef' doesn't stand for a cook, but a boss. In German, 'Billion' doesn't mean billion, but trillion. The German word 'Brav' doesn't mean brave, but well-behaved. The list goes on.

German Words in English

English has borrowed many words from German. The word 'deli' or 'delicatessen' originally comes from the German 'Delikatessen'. When you say something has gone kaput, you are using a word borrowed from the German 'kaputt.' 'Hamburger' also comes from the German word of the same spelling. When someone mentions they learned all they need to know in kindergarten, they are using a term originating from the German word 'Kindergarten.'

English Words in German

In turn, German has borrowed its share of words from English. Germans say 'computer' to refer to the same machine English speakers do. German speakers use the word 'downloaden' when they talk about downloading a file. The English words 'party' and 'baby' have also gained widespread use in German.

Babbel: The Best Way to Learn German Vocabulary

Babbel is the most effective way to learn German currently available. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, mastering German vocabulary with Babbel is affordable and intuitive. Our system detects what language level you're at and provides you with course suggestions designed to help you learn German words comfortably and easily.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Babbel is in tune with your busy life. We help you learn German words online through a mobile app or your computer. Whether you use IOS, Android, Win8 apps or a combination, Babbel is available on all of them. We offer a clean interface on all platforms that prevents you from being distracted by annoying advertisements.

Makes Pronunciation Easy

Pronunciation is an important part of learning a new language. Babbel makes learning German pronunciation easy with an integrated speech recognition tool that works directly in your browser. You only need a Flash player and a microphone to make sure you sound like a native German speaker.

Designed For Your Lifestyle

With Babbel, you can learn German vocabulary at your own pace, completing reading, listening, writing and pronunciation exercises on a schedule that suits your lifestyle. Babbel suggests courses tailored to your knowledge level and specific interests.

Tracks Your Progress

Babbel's review manager keeps track of what German words and language concepts you've learned. We know what parts of German vocabulary you're having difficulty with and the words you've mastered. The review manager automatically adjusts exercises at intervals that are specifically designed to optimize your memory.

At Babbel, we make mastering the German language simple, intuitive and fun. Visit Babbel.com to learn more about how easy it is to learn German with us.

German Vocabulary