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Learn Portuguese for Free

Portuguese is the world’s sixth most spoken language. It is one of the main Romance languages, which have been derived from Latin of the 6th and the 9th centuries. A beautiful, sweet and lyrical language, it is the mother language of Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, and Cape Verde, among other countries. Over 230 million people in the world are fluent in Portuguese and it is very popular and widely spoken in the Southern Hemisphere.

Many people are now learning Portuguese for free in order to be able to communicate with such a large number of people easily, and also be able to do business in all these countries. Considering the fact that eight countries count it as their official language, knowing Portuguese can be a major asset when travelling or working in these regions.

Learning Portuguese for Free

There are many ways through which one can learn Portuguese for free. There are online courses that offer such free Portuguese lessons. Most of these free Portuguese lessons or courses are simple, whereby the student can manage to grasp the basics and deal with the simple day-to-day intonations of the Portuguese language. There are online platforms, where grammar and pronunciation is taught; a quick search on the Internet will throw up many options. There are many apps that can be downloaded online; these will primarily teach the basics of the language, along with other aspects. If an individual wants to learn Portuguese for free, there are many ways to achieve that objective.

Learning Portuguese through Fee-based Platforms

Learning Portuguese for free might sound great, but there are many disadvantages when students learn Portuguese for free. Most of the lessons do not take advantage of the many technological breakthroughs with regard to languages and the medium of instruction. There is no way in which the student can check whether their pronunciation is correct or whether they are using the correct grammar while learning Portuguese for free. What’s more, most of the lessons are usually flooded with ads. There are very few backup services provided, and the student literally has no one around for help when he joins free Portuguese lessons. However, if fee-based lessons are undertaken, then the added advantages of better quality lessons, access to the latest technology such as audio lessons, and the promise of excellent service if and when needed, may become possible.

Learning Portuguese with Babbel

Babbel offers Portuguese courses at low prices, which include exercises for reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation. The lessons are flexible and can be adjusted to the pace of the student. There are no ads interfaces, and the first lesson of each course can be tested for free. In these days of instant communications, they offer iPhone and Android apps free as a part of the overall package. Flexible and fun, each lesson has been prepared by experts in this field, and they are designed to provide the best knowledge in a fun and exciting manner. Compared to free Portuguese lessons, Babbel lessons offer many added facilities to help the student learn the language faster and in an effective manner.