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Learning Indonesian for Free

Learning Indonesian for free is very easy to do. There are multitudes of websites, which offer free Indonesian lessons, but which ones will be right for you depends on how you would like to learn the language. Various different methods are used in the process of learning Indonesian for free, each one having their own pros and cons.

How to learn Indonesian for free
Most websites which allow you to learn Indonesian for free offer short, basic lessons which give you a taste of what premium lessons are like. Free Indonesian lessons generally consist of functional words and short phrases in the language.

Online platforms offer you a great way of starting out learning Indonesian for free. These are websites where you can click on a button and you hear an audio of the word or phrase in Indonesian, which you then repeat. It has been shown that repeating short phrases and words helps with learning a second language. Not only this, but the method is very simple and easy to follow, so no matter how old you are, it is very effective.

You can find apps on many cellular phones where you can learn Indonesian for free. As soon as you download these apps onto your phone you can start your lessons. Again, many of these apps will be similar to online platforms, where you repeat the word or phrase. There are many apps, which offer different methods of learning Indonesian for free. Quizzes are a fun alternative to remembering different words, and there are various games (such as hangman), which are designed for learning a second language. The advantages of phone apps in order to learn Indonesian for free are that you can practice whenever you want (on your lunch break or commuting to and from work etc.), and that the technology behind the apps is always being updated.

Another method where you can learn Indonesian for free is by utilising social media. There are many great forums on the Internet where you can talk to other people who are either learning the language or are native speakers who offer help and advice. A great advantage of using social media is that you can always garner motivation from others, pushing you forward when you feel like giving up. Another plus point is that social media is often free, cutting out the costs of traditional language classes.

You can also find free Indonesian lessons by finding a tandem partner. A tandem partner is where you are given one on one-language lessons, either face to face or through email or phone. You can use worksheets, flashcards, textbooks or simply indulge in conversation to learn the language. One advantage of this method is that the one on one lessons allow you to really understand the language and go at your own pace. However, a disadvantage of this method is that you may not always find someone who can offer you free Indonesian lessons on a regular basis.

Learn Indonesian with Babbel

If you are contemplating learning Indonesian you should consider using Babbel. This website doesn’t offer you free Indonesian lessons, but high quality lessons at low costs. You can use Babbel to learn Indonesian by utilising the various games, exercises, flashcards, etc. and take advantage of their great social network and the first lessons of each course can be tried for free. If you are interested in learning Indonesian, then Babbel is the way to go.

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