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German Lessons

In the Germanic languages, German is part of the area’s western group. People who live in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein typically speak German. The language is also spoken in regions of Italy, Poland and Belgium. If your native language is English and you would like to learn German, then you’ll appreciate that the two languages have many similarities. In addition, English and German share a number of words that have similar definitions, which may make it easier for you to learn the language.

After you’ve made the decision to learn German, you may question how long it will take you to begin speaking the language skillfully. However, each person learns language skills differently as it will depend upon your learning abilities, environment and motivation. The type of German lessons that you choose to take are another factor. Fortunately, today’s technology is making it easier than ever to learn different languages. In fact, Babbel has developed a language-learning program that will surely have you speaking fluent German.

Why Native English Speaking People Struggle with the German Language

Once you begin taking German lessons, you may find that the language’s vowels are tough to conquer. Many people have issues with the language’s front rounded vowels and short variants. Also, when you mispronounce them, it will cause confusion. In particular, the “ö”, which is the o umlaut or oe in English, is especially challenging. However, with Babbel’s learning course, you’ll have access to a program that will teach you the correct way to pronounce vowels. Furthermore, you’ll learn through a method that involves listening and repeating.

Grammar is another common problem that you may face when you begin taking German lessons. Specifically, word order is an issue. Sentence structure in the German language will sound mixed up in English because with German, nouns can take different roles. Adjectives also take on variations. In addition, German words have limited definitions. When you’re speaking English, one word can have several frames of reference while in the German language, one word will typically have one context. Therefore, you’ll need to learn more words to speak German properly. With Babbel, you’ll begin to learn German through the company’s beginner courses, which provide a basic introduction to the language. The program uses a step process that builds on previous lessons.

Reasons to Select an Advanced Online Language Program

If you’re planning to learn German, then be sure to select a program that offers technological advancements in the education field. For instance, Babbel’s system connects to the microphone in your personal computer or mobile device to hear your word pronunciation. It will then give you a rating to allow you to determine your language proficiency. The program will also play words and phrases for you to make sure that you understand how you should be pronouncing them. By taking German lessons from Babbel, you’ll have access to a comprehensive program as it covers beginning words and basic sentences as well as words that refer to animals, clothes, food, the body, etc. The grammar section of the program will cover nouns, cases and pronouns along with verbs, adjectives and tenses. You’ll even learn how to build proper sentences, use prepositions and link sentences with conjunctions.

The Benefits of Selecting Babbel’s Language Program

By taking German lessons from Babbel, you’ll have access to an affordable and effective program. Furthermore, you won’t be bogged down with advertisements for other products. The company includes reading exercises and listening programs to ensure proper pronunciation. You can learn at your own pace, and with Babbel’s German courses, you’ll have access to social networking forums for additional help. The program features an app for your iPhone, Android or Windows 8 mobile device for even more convenience.

German Lessons