Quiz: Which Language Should You Learn?

Take this short quiz — at the end, you’ll know which language is best for you to learn.
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Quiz: Which Language Should You Learn?

So you want to learn a language, but you’re not sure where to start. After all, when you’re deciding which language you should learn, there are a lot of factors to take into account. How hard will it be to learn? Which language will help your career? Which will be best for your next vacation? It’s a tricky decision, and it can require a lot of research and introspection. Or, you can take a “Which language should you learn?” quiz!

This quiz takes into account a number of concerns you might have when choosing which language you should learn, from the difficulty of learning it to which celebrity speaks the language. While no quiz will be able to find the best answer for everyone, it can help point you in the right direction for your learning journey. Oh, and make sure your read your full results for some tips on where to get started.

Once you’ve got your result, what next? Well, that all depends on you! If you don’t like your result, you can reload the page and start the “Which language should you learn?” quiz all over again. And if you think you’re ready to start learning, there are lots of options for you. Here are just a few of them to help you start down the path to language learning:

  • Check out our general learning hub, with dozens of resources on the best way to approach a new language.
  • Search the magazine for the language you got to find more language-specific guides and resources.
  • Check out our YouTube channel, which has many fun and informative videos about languages and learning.
  • Listen to one of Babbel’s podcasts, which are produced in a number of different languages.
  • Click the button below to get started learning a language with the Babbel app.

No matter which option you choose, happy learning!

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