How To Talk About The Weather In Turkish

Yağmur, kar or dolu, you’ll be prepared for the weather with this guide to Turkish weather vocab.
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In Turkey, the winters are cold and the summers are hot. That might sound like it’s true in a lot of places, but it’s especially true in this country, which, thanks to its size and location, has a range of climates across the landmass. If you’re visiting Turkey, then, you’ll want to be prepared for the weather. One of the best ways to do that is to learn some Turkish weather vocab. Being able to read a weather forecast (which means learning Celsius, too) could save you in a moment of need. Having an umbrella on you can mark the difference between a very good and a very bad day.

We’ve collected some of the most important Turkish weather vocab to act as a guide for you. To hear how each of the words and phrases is pronounced, just hit the play buttons below!

The Seasons In Turkish

season — mevsim

spring — ilkbahar

summer — yaz

autumn — sonbahar

winter — kış

rainy season — yağmur mevsimi

dry season — kuraklık dönemi

Turkish Weather Vocab

weather — hava

climate — iklim

degree — derece

sunlight — güneş ışığı

rain — yağmur

bulut — bulut

snow — kar

wind — rüzgâr

fine (as in weather) — güzel

tropical — tropikal

storm — fırtına

temperate — ılımlı

cloudy — bulutlu

weather forecast — hava tahmini

thunder — gök gürlemesi

lightning — şimşek

frost — don

blizzard — kar fırtınası

hail — dolu

drizzle — çise

rainbow — gökkuşağı

Turkish Weather Phrases

The sky is cloudy. — Gökyüzü bulutlu.

It stopped raining. — Yağmur durdu.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Fırtına geliyor.

A strong wind is blowing. — Çok kuvvetli bir rüzgâr esiyor.

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