How To Talk About Transportation In Turkish

No matter your preferred method of transport, it’s good to get some Turkish transportation vocab under your belt before you travel.
A group of people using transportation in Istanbul

There are plenty of reasons to travel to Turkey, or any other place where Turkish is spoken, really. You might be in it for the food, or the sights, or the history. No matter the reason, you’re going to have to get around the country at some point. Navigating air travel and the transit in a new city is one of the most stressful parts of any vacation, however. You’ll want to give yourself a leg up by picking up the basics of Turkish transportation vocab before you travel.

We’ve collected some of the most important Turkish transportation vocab to prepare you for multiple modes of travel. You’ll need to get a grasp on basic Turkish grammar to put them into action, but even just being able to recognize the terms can give you an advantage when you’re trying to figure out signage. Click the play buttons next to each one to hear how they’re pronounced by a native speaker!

Turkish Transportation Vocab

Terms For Traveling By Plane

plane — uçak

airport — havalimanı

terminal — terminal

luggage — bagaj

hand baggage (carry-on) — el bagajı

flight — uçuş

flight attendant — kabin görevlisi

departure — kalkış

the security check — güvenlik kontrolü

to board — uçağa binmek

to land — inmek

to check in — check-in yapmak

Terms For Traveling By Train Or Bus

public transportation — toplu taşıma araçları

bus — otobüs

subway — metro

train — tren

tram — tramvay

train station — gar

ticket — bilet

platform — peron

stop — durak

passenger — yolcu

inspector — kontrolör

timetable — tarife

to catch — yakalamak

to validate — kullanmak

to change (trains, buses, etc.) — aktarma yapmak

Terms For Traveling By Car Or Bike

car — araba

driver — sürücü

windshield wipers — cam silecekleri

seat belt — anahtar

key — emniyet kemeri

driver’s license — ehliyet

to drive — sürmek

to park — park etmek

to break down — arıza yapmak

bicycle — bisiklet

cyclist — bisiklet sürücüsü

helmet — kask

to ride — gitmek

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