How To Talk About Animals In Turkish

The baykuş is wise, and you can be too with a little bit of animal vocabulary under your wing.
striped cat sitting in the sunlight turkish animal names

Much as we tend to center the human experience, animals are a fundamental component of that experience. We make references to them all the time, even when we’re not literally making references to them. In Turkey, for example, you can’t even curse someone out or invite them for a drink without a rudimentary knowledge of Turkish animal names. Calling someone a “bear” or “horse thief” is a common way to insult someone in Turkish, and rakı — aka the national drink of Turkey — is lovingly referred to as “lion’s milk.”

It’s probably not necessary to overstate our case here. Chances are pretty good that if you’re a student of Turkish, you’re already eager to learn the Turkish animal names. We’ve compiled a list of some basic terms, as well as provided an audio pronunciation guide to help you say it right. Just click on the play button to hear the words voiced by a native speaker.

General Animal Vocab

pet — evcil hayvan

fur — post

wild animal — yabani hayvan

sea creature — deniz hayvanı

bird of prey — yırtıcı kuş

farm animal — çiftlik hayvanı

Turkish Animal Names

fish — balık

dog — köpek

cat — kedi

mouse — fare

rabbit — ada tavşanı

rat — sıçan

duck — ördek

chicken — tavuk

cow — inek

pig — domuz

sheep — koyun

goat — keçi

horse — at

elephant — fil

camel — deve

goose — kaz

pigeon — güvercin

bear — ayı

wolf — kurt

crocodile — timsah

kangaroo — kanguru

snake — yılan

frog — kurbağa

wild boar — yaban domuzu

squirrel — sincap

sloth — tembel hayvan

hippopotamus — su aygırı

giraffe — zürafa

deer — karaca

dolphin — yunus

octopus — ahtapot

blue whale — mavi balina

jellyfish — denizanası

shark — köpek balığı

bird — kuş

penguin — penguen

parrot — papağan

owl — baykuş

eagle — kartal

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