Train Your Brain With This Language Learning App

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Train Your Brain With This Language Learning App

Thankfully, you don’t need an at-home gym to work on your mental fitness. But as far as exercising goes, though, how do you train your brain? It turns out that learning a new language is one of the most effective and rewarding mental workouts around. Why? 

When you master tricky vocab, you’re strengthening parts of your brain that are related to memory and emotion. The constant flexibility and problem solving needed to switch between languages increases your mind’s cognitive functioning, helping you to stay focused and break out of stale routines. When you learn a new language, you also invest in your future: Several studies on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have shown that bilingual individuals experience a delay in mental decline compared to monolinguals. 

The good news is it doesn’t take much to start learning a language. In our increasingly digital world, there are plenty of tools to help you stay mentally active, even from the comfort of your couch (or your multipurpose eat-work-play dinner table). Built by an expert team of linguists, the Babbel App makes learning a language from home conveniently effective. With just 10-15 minutes a day, Babbel will help you practice efficiently to build a mental fitness routine that works for you — no assembly (or yoga mat) required. Here’s how:

1. Babbel Makes It Easy To Build A Healthy Habit

A great way to kickstart your training is to determine how to fit lessons and practice time into your schedule — consider this your workout plan! Just like exercising, the key here isn’t length, but quality and consistency.

That’s why Babbel recommends doing one 15-minute lesson per day to build a sustainable learning habit. If that doesn’t sound like much, here’s how it works: Babbel breaks learning down into manageable chunks, making it easier to stick with your routine. This approach will help you avoid the information overload you get when you try to absorb all the textbook grammar rules you just read. And, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there are plenty of ways to integrate short workouts into your daily grind.

2. You’ll Have Your Fitness Expert Right In Your Home

Another key to successful training is quality — and Babbel’s method has the science to back it up. As the brains behind our exercises, our language experts know how to make a good workout. Think of them like your personal trainers! But what else makes their skillfully-crafted lessons effective?

The Babbel approach to learning is designed with special features to get you speaking conversationally fast — all without leaving your home. From day one, you’ll be conversing about yourself and the topics relevant to your learning goals. To enhance your training, you will first hear how a native speaker sounds, then compare your own pronunciation using the app’s voice-recognition software. That’s why 15 hours of Babbel has been found to teach users the equivalent of a college semester of language learning.

3. With All Exercise, Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve got a fitness routine down, it’s time for the reps. Babbel’s expert trainers know the importance of practice and repetition when it comes to retaining long-term knowledge. That’s why Babbel lessons have a built-in Review Manager designed to boost memory retention.

You want to make sure your brain gets a well-rounded workout, right? Then think of the Review Manager as stretching before and after you exercise. To get the most out of your training, the Review Manager repeats smaller bits of information, frequently, to help you establish strong mental connections with the learning concepts. Babbel lessons also bring back this acquired information and apply it in different exercises to different contexts. 

If you want to keep your mind feeling healthy, consider making a mental fitness plan. Learning a language is one of the best mental exercises out there, and becoming bilingual is just a few clicks (and workouts) away.

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